Sector Specialisms

In the sale or acquisition of any business, intellectual property assets are the hardest to value and sell and it is in these areas that MediaFund specialises, particularly in the technology and media sectors where IP makes up the bulk of commercial assets. We offer expert advisory services and can offer a wealth of experience in the sectors below.

Online publishing businesses

Consumer magazines 

Directory and newsletter publishers

Scientific, technical and professional publishers 

Training organisations

Business-to-business magazines

Business information service providers

Exhibition, conference and award event organisers

Consumer book publishers

Industry Affliliates

Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers

The Professional Publishers Association (PPA) represents around 220 companies, ranging from consumer magazine publishers to business-to-business data and information providers, customer magazine publishers and smaller independent companies.

The worldwide magazine media association.

Accelerating brands and their teams since 2000
Getting digital publishing strategies right is a make or break for publishers and broadcasters. That’s why we have a deep strategic partnership to help MediaFund clients get digital right. Digital Strategy Consulting has worked with publishers in 40 countries on developing content, commercial and community strategies to accelerate media businesses. For more information click on link:

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